We are in awe of Paula’s abilities to put together a beautiful wedding. I never once experienced that Paula was inaccessible, no matter the time or the volume of communication this wedding generated. Everyone that she works with, from the florist to the makeup artist, hold her in the highest regard. She is everything anybody could want in a wedding planner.
— Laura Thompson
Paula was an AMAZING planner. She’s top notch, well respected and highly recommended in the industry. I felt an immediate connection with her the moment we met her - she was so kind, friendly, understanding and most of all, her communication style was superb. I’m a super anal, detail oriented type of person, with high expectations - and she knew how to work with my standards to ensure that the wedding exceeded my expectations. The wedding was superb, extremely beautiful and for many of our guests, the best wedding they’ve ever attended. One of the things I valued most about Paula, was that she actually read through all my lengthy emails, numerous comments/ideas sessions and not only listened, but provided honest feedback. that was extremely valuable as she provided a different perspective and made our wedding that much better. We worked hand in hand throughout the process and I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding. I highly recommend Paula to everyone - you will have your wedding in excellent hands!!
— Valerie Tsai
My planner had to step out a month before my wedding day due to illness. Paula stepped in & saved my wedding. It was so comforting having someone like Paula who was so organized, on top of every detail and so personable. My wedding went off without a hitch. Paula really went out of her way to make sure everything was the way I had envisioned.
— Lauren Souza
Hiring Paula Laskelle to be our wedding coordinator was the best decision we made. She helped me with every single detail and made my life so easy. She had great recommendations from favors to invitations to beauty ideas. Every email and call was answered promptly and she was always on top of the wedding timeline details to keep me on track. Best of all - on the day of my wedding she had a wonderfully calm and happy energy that made me feel like I could relax and have fun because she was there to take care of everything. Paula knows what she’s doing and really cares, she is worth every penny.
—  Sarah Davidson
Paula was spectacular! From beginning to end, my year of planning my wedding with her was flawless. She defines the word ‘professional’ and is a pure joy to work with.
Paula is incredibly detail oriented and very prompt with her email responses. She guided me every step of the way, making the entire year very stress-free. I trusted Paula’s advice and artistic eye implicitly. My wedding day was absolutely perfect. Everything went as planned, and was even more spectacular than I could have imagined.
In addition to her excellent organizational skills that allow her to design the most incredible weddings, her positive demeanor and bright smile constantly shines through. It is crystal clear that she loves what she does!
— Hilary Thompson 
Paula is amazing! She was always very responsive and accommodating, she was always there with a quick answer. It made planning through the distance (CA to TX) a breeze. Her team of vendors and special people made the day beyond incredible. She was there every step of the way with info and names, advice and a smile. Her level of professionalism and even temperament were a perfect match for my husband and I. We felt very secure knowing she was there for us. A BIG thank you to Paula for all of the hard work and many hours she put into making our wedding the best day of our lives!
— Ally Chiang
I have had the pleasure of working with Paula three times! No I haven’t been married three times. Paula planned my wedding, I gave Paula’s services as a gift to a dear friend and most recently she planned my daughter’s wedding. For all three events she handled every detail with such professionalism that I never had a moment’s worry. She is the calm in a storm and truly nothing seems to ruffle her.
You can tell how well respected Paula is when you see how other vendors react and work with her. When you select Paula you not only get a beautiful wedding but you enjoy the entire process. I have one more daughter and there is no doubt I will turn to Paula’s expertise again.
— Barbara Walters
Paula’s fabulous sense of style helped me create a dream come true wedding. At our first meeting, we discussed some ideas and she immediately “got me”. Her ability to provide guidance, insight and professionalism through the myriad of resources expedited the process of planning an elaborate wedding. This was particularly helpful when we moved two weeks before the wedding with only 10 days notice from Newport Beach to San Francisco. Her amazing follow-through and ability to communicate was invaluable; she was always available. Paula’s advice, support, encouragement, and calm demeanor are the foundation for a perfect wedding. We had so much fun on our special day, it was truly perfect; my guests are still saying it was the absolute best, most fun wedding they’ve ever attended! (me, too!) Thank you, Paula!
— Anne Foreman
Having Paula a part of our wedding team was THE BEST decision we could have ever made! She is so amazing and talented! Every time I met with a vendor, they each made it a point to tell me that I made the best decision to have Paula be a part of our team...everyone in the industry LOVES working with her! With her professionalism, quality advice, and outstanding organization, it’s no wonder that when I mention “Paula Laskelle” to my vendors, they all had the same reaction, “Oh thank goodness!” From a business point of view, I realized the importance of having someone to work with who gets along so well with all the major vendors; the vendors having someone familiar, as well as someone who truly knows how to handle each part of the day. It makes it that much more of a pleasure to do the work, knowing that everything is in good hands. Everyone on the team is positive, because of her leadership and control. Thank you again so much for EVERYTHING!
— Cherrie Emnace
From the very moment I met Paula, I instantly knew I was in the right place!  I brought my mom and my daughter with me. I think all 3 of us knew instantly that we wanted Paula to be our wedding planner the moment she greeted us with these twinkling eyes that smiled and exuded kindness! Paula put my mind at ease, explaining that she will do as much or as little as I felt comfortable with. I chose her mid-size package, and was thrilled! Paula was at my side when I chose my invitations, all the flowers, the music...I loved having her there! She would speak up for me if she noticed I was being hesitant about something, and would back me up when I really liked something! And when it comes to organizing and timing, she’s simply the best! Having Paula around meant that I had to worry about nothing! She was on top of everything! I received gentle reminders from her each time a due date approached, so I was never late on anything. Really! She made it so easy! To this day, I endearingly refer to her as my Fairy Godmother!!
— Heather Long
From the very beginning of our relationship, Paula took the time to get to know us and truly understand our vision for the wedding. From there she provided a variety of vendor options that she felt would meet our expectations. We interviewed all of them and they were all excellent. Paula has assembled a team of service providers that we would call the best of the best. More importantly, they had all worked with Paula in the past and had a clear idea of what would be expected of them on the wedding day. Paula is pleasant, efficient, thorough, responsive, and very well respected in the wedding planning community. We could not have made a better choice for our wedding planner and we highly recommend her.
— Ed Kadletz
When we were looking for a wedding planner, we wanted someone who was professional, knowledgeable, and someone we could connect with. In our first meeting with Paula, my fiance looked at her and said “your most important job is to keep Debbie stress free and I want her to enjoy every moment of her wedding day”. Paula did all that and much more! She was every person I could need that day all wrapped up in one! We would highly recommend Paula. Her years of experience along with her dedication shows in all that she does.
— Debbie Stewart
Paula was the most extraordinary wedding planner! She was on top of every detail, quickly responded to every email, and never tired of our innumerable conference calls. She had the most wonderful relationships with everyone in the industry making it incredibly easy to plan our wedding, and was there every step of the way to the big day! I simply couldn’t have done any of it without her!
— Elana Neches
Where do I start? Over the last year I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Paula in creating the most wonderful wedding a bride could ever desire. Her attention to detail and uncompromising expertise made our “big” day a relaxing and truly incredible event to remember. The ceremony was amazing, and when we walked into the ballroom, it took my breath away! All the planning, appointments, tastings, laughs and research you facilitated made the wedding better than anything I could dream of.
Our family and friends keep talking about how we “raised the bar” for a marriage celebration. We have you to thank for this!!!  We thank her for being the very best Wedding Consultant, Planner, Designer, Professional, Wonderful Person and True Friend a couple could ask for!
— Kelly Densmore
Paula is the best! She is professional, has impeccable taste, really works with you and your vision, has an amazing ability to navigate the tricky waters with family and all the various opinions, She keeps her cool, she is INCREDIBLE on the day of your wedding. I knew she was good at her job but didn’t know HOW good until I went through the wedding day. She is so on top of EVERY detail. And she doesn’t ever seem stressed. Her energy is a joy to be around. I recommend her as highly as I possibly can!
— Heather M.
I unequivocally recommend Paula from Champagne Taste. Paula planned both my mom’s wedding at an estate in Laguna Beach and recently my wedding at the Four Seasons Santa Barbara. Her professionalism and attention to detail is worth its weight in gold and I can literally say my wedding’s outcome was widely attributed to her services. She was with me every step of the process and I told her after my wedding that because of Champagne Taste my wedding day unfolded like the perfect gift. All of my guests could not stop raving about what a wonderful evening they had and how they felt like they were so well taken care of, without Paula I can honestly say that would not have been the case. I cannot say enough great things about Champagne Taste!
— Layne Schwartz