This girl. Where do I even begin? Paula Laskelle is phenomenal. Every. Single. Day. I was so grateful that she was the wedding planner I decided on after a grueling interview process with the best in the industry. She has excellent relationships with all of the vendors which (trust me) makes the planning process a lot easier. All of the resorts love her and recommend her. It also doesn’t hurt that she does celebrity weddings. I worked in event planning myself and I am very, very picky. I have been planning my wedding since I was 10. When I first met her I could tell right away that she was extremely seasoned. I must have emailed her 15 times a day on the most trivial things and she was always patient and emailed me every time within 10 minutes. She gives off this vibe that everything is handled and under control even if you miss a detail – she has it covered. She is so sweet and her level of professionalism is beyond. My wedding went off without a hitch. I unequivocally recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding planner.
— Molly Guran